DF/GF Escarole & Cannellini soup

Who would have guessed so many nutrients and their benefits could be packed into these simple beans? Magnesium is just one of the many minerals that is a necessary nutrient, and one serving has close to 30 % of your daily intake.
Top 9 Health Benefits of Magnesium
  • Helps Increase Energy.
  • Calms Nerves & Anxiety.
  • Helps With Digestion by Relieving Constipation.
  • Relieves Muscle Aches and Spasms.
  • Regulates Levels of Calcium, Potassium and Sodium.
  • Important for Heart Health.
  • Prevents Migraine Headaches.
  • Helps Prevent Osteoporosis.

Not to mention they have 50% of your daily dietary intake of fiber.

Combining Cannellini with Escarole is a perfect combination. All greens are full of antioxidants and Escarole doesn’t dissapoint! A simple and quick meal, there are many variations of this popular and healthy meal. If you leave out the meat, this meal is completely vegan and vegetarian.  I added sausage to make it heartier, but there are also recipes that use meatballs or chicken breast as well.

I was able to find organic dry cannellini beans and I cooked them according to package directions before starting the recipe. This recipe can use great northern white beans and it is just as good. According to your individual taste, you may like it soupier but some prefer it a little drier. Any variation is fine, it is a versatile healthy meal any way you like it!

GF/DF Escarole & Cannellini Soup

  • Servings: 4-6
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Print


*leave out sausage and use vegetable stock for VEGAN version

  • 1 cup cooked cannellini beans
  • *2 cups of chicken stock
  • 1/3 c chopped onion
  • 3 cloves minced garlic
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • 2 tbsp. extra virgin olive oil
  • 2 bags of washed and cut escarole
  • *3 links of DF/GF sausage, cooked and made into crumbles (remove casing before cooking)



Place the onions and garlic in a large pot with a few swirls of oil. Sauté until clear, adding in the escarole a little at a time. Stir, wilting the escarole and add the salt and pepper. If you want a little kick, put in a dash of crushed hot pepper. Add in the stock and let the escarole cook for 15 minutes. Finish by adding the beans and sausage.


When you plate this soup, be sure to include GF toast to soak up the soup! This soup goes well with a sprinkle of nutritional yeast on top.

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